Painter Engineering, Inc. Technical Specialties


Reverse Engineering & Forensics of Hardware and Software

Distributed, parallel & multiprocessor computing 

Real-time Transaction Processing (RTP) 

Real-time simulation systems, flight simulators, Link Trainers, Link AST

System analysis and design 

Software design, implementation & testing 

System integration 

System synchronization and timing 

Debugging and trouble shooting 

Analog-Digital hybrid computing

Operating Systems & Software

UNIX and real-time kernel, application software & parallel programming 

UNIX operating system mods, testing & tuning 

UNIX device driver design and implementation 

Linux, MS DOS, Windows software development 

Customized SCSI device drivers 

Porting, acquisition, verification & testing 

Compiler, translator & conversion tool prototyping 

Benchmarking, performance instrumentation, testing & analysis 

Software development management systems 

Secure UNIX, AIX, DGUX, SunOS, BSD, SysV, Real-time OS, LRTM

HTML, PHP, C, FORTRAN, perl, awk, yacc, lex, Assembler, Pascal & SIMSCRIPT, Visual Basic, MS Application Basic 

GNU tools, Borland C, Paradox, Pascal 

Networking & Data Communications

INTERNET networking design, implementation & Web construction, Apache, PHP, modSSL, cURL, sendmail 

TCP/IP, PPP, SLIP, 100/10BaseX, X.25, AX.25, LAN, WAN, routing

Network & system security, firewalls, intrusion detection 

Telecommuting methods & systems, VPNs

Remote system control, access & debugging 

Remote software development 

Remote customer service 

Global Positioning & Navigation Systems

SiRF, Trimble, Rockwell Navcore5 operation, integration, testing & host software, embedded systems

GPS, NMEA data formats and conversions and interfacing

Navigation geometry & related formulae

Data Base Systems

Relational DBMS, MySQL, Oracle 8i, SQL, MS Access 

Multi- and single-user systems and servers 

Design, implementation & testing 

Front-end applications, networking & back-end engines 

Numerical Processing

Math libraries & custom functions 

Algorithm development 

Speed, accuracy & precision analysis 

Software design, implementation & testing 

Single, double, and quad precision 

Custom data conversion and translation

Process Control

Data acquisition and analysis 

Transducers and sensors 

Process error analysis 

Process optimization and waste reduction 

Other Areas

Software tools 

Audits & investigations 

Training & documentation, course & workshop development & delivery 

Proposal preparation and responses 

Financial Software: Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 

Accounting & medical software 

Computational Platform Experience

Microchip, MIPS, ARM microcontrollers and DSP

Data General AViiON 

IBM RS/6000 

Silicon Graphics & Sun Workstations 

Encore Infinity, Multimax & Memory Channel 

Gould PowerNode, Concept & Reflective Memory, SEL 

Motorola Microprocessors: 88K, 68K, 6800 

PCs- Intel x86, Pentium, AMD Microprocessors 

Concurrent-Interdata-Perken Elmer, DEC VAX, PDP, Inmos Transputer

EAI 680 Analog-PDP 10 Hybrid Computer

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Math Library Design & Analysis
Algorithm Development & Analysis
Software & Firmware Reverse Engineering
Computer and Software Forensics
Amateur Radio Custom Software and Hardware
Systems & Software Engineering, Design & Integration
  Real-time Simulation | Real-time Transaction Processing | EDI
Web Hosting & Design | Apache | PHP | modSSL | cURL
LAN & WAN Networking | Routing | X.25 | Security | Firewalls | VPN | Intrusion Detection
Benchmarking | Testing, Verification, Audits & Investigations  | UNIX & Linux | Windows

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